2529 / 3M empalme mecánico para unir fibra


El empalme mecánico de 3M FibrLok II es un dispositivo universal para unir 2 fibras. De fácil, rápido y limpio uso, permiten hacen "fusiones" en muy bajo tiempo y de alto rendimiento a bajo costo y con una alta eficiencia.

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Features Benefits
< 0.1 dB typical insertion loss High performance
30 second installation time Increased productivity
Minimum tooling requirements Low capital cost
No epoxy or electricity required Easy on-site installation
Simple, easy to use Minimal training, lower installed cost
Ability to reposition fibers Improved splicing yield
Single splice for any combination
250 µm or 900 µm fibers Reduced inventory




Fiber diameter 125 µm
Coating diameter 250 or 900 µm
Mean insertion loss <0.1 dB
Reflectance <-35 dB from -40° to 80° C (-40° to 176° F)
<-60 dB typical at room temperature
Tensile strength 4.4N (1.0 lb.) minimum; 13.2N (>3.0 lbs.) typical
Material Engineering thermoplastic with aluminum alloy element; UL 94, V-O
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature -40° to 80° C (-40° to 176° F)
Thermal cycling Change in insertion loss <0.5 dB, -40° to 80° C (-40° to 176° F)
Fungus resistance ASTM G-21-70; rating 0
Vibration IEC 61300-2-1 (EIA standard FOTP-11; test condition 1)
Water immersion Seven days @ 43° C; change in insertion loss ≤0.05 dB; 21,000
hours with <0.2 dB change
Extended high humidity 8,812 hours @ 85° C, 85% humidity with <0.2 dB change